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Vetec Asia Pacific Profile.

Vetec crane products

Vetec manufactures of high quality industrial weight equipment, Load cells / dynamometers / amplifiers. We supply joystick radio remote control for crane industry.

We are specialised in customized weighing solutions and crane equipment.

We have affiliated office in Singapore and China and official dealer in Korea and Thailand.

Vetec ApS manufactures high quality industrial weight equipment, load cells, dynamometers and amplifiers. We are specialised in custom solutions. Our product programme comprises of:

- Dynamometer/ Under Hook / Inline Load

- Radiotransmitters for Dynamometer / Under Hook Line

- Electronic weight and Overload Safety

- Mechanic Overload

- Load cell

- Load pins Externally / Load pind Internal

- Schackel Pin

- Accessories for Under Hook

- Display You can also read more about each product on our Danish principal website. Vetec Aps Denmark website

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