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Vetec crane products

Welcome to Vetec Asia Pacific - Weighing and Radio technology - loadcell



wire clamp on load cell for crane

Load Cell

overload relay


crane remote control

Crane radio remote control

Joystick crane control

Crane Joystick radio control

vetec display for crane load

Load indicator display

Latest ! - Vetec Atex 170T and sling rope shackle loadpin



vetec crane lifting sling rope shackle loadpin

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Vetec weighing technology is a danish provider of customized weighing equipment for the industry espcially the crane industry, but also for a wide range of other applications.

Supply of Dynamometer, Shear loadpins & load cell.

Crane equipment
Supply of products for heavy duty cranes e.g. steel wire ropes.

Vetec Service & Support
Service contracts, Training, Service follow-up, Inspections.

Vetec customized weighing technology.

Vetec Asia Pacific range of coverage:

Singapore, South Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand,Philippines, Vietnam Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand i.e. Asia Pacific.

Vetec Asia Pacific coverage
Vetec Aps Denmark

Vetec Asia Pacific are based in Singapore and is affiliated with Vetec Aps in Denmark who is the principal.
Vetec Aps Denmark


Crane equipment and steel wires. A key product is ”Deep Sea Combination Rope” which is special robust and strong to be used at deep sea for pulling of electrical or communications cables at sea. Dynamometer (load cell – inline load links) is mainly used for crane and lifting equipment.


We have the facility to test Dynamometers which is recommended to do once a year.

Risk assessment:

A thorough risk assessment must always be made.

Sales & Support contact.
Area Sales Manager - Vetec Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

Vetec Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
47 Tannery Lane
Singapore 347794

Phone: +65 68844002
Web :

By Zacobria Lars Skovsgaard
Vetec Asia Pacific Managing Director.
Vetec weighing and radio technology

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